Penelope’s story

Now everyone can enjoy dairy… by the spoonful.

Penelope couldn’t eat dairy because of digestive discomfort and the fact she’s lactose intolerant.

She felt bloated and suffered stomach cramps.

But now Penelope can because we’ve introduced Jalna Lactose Free pot set yoghourt.

So she doesn’t have to avoid dairy.

(By the way research confirms only 10% of Australians are getting sufficient dairy.)

A yoghourt that has all the great taste and pot set purity of our other yoghourts, but with no lactose.

Which is good news for Penelope.

Because even people with sensitive tummies like her can now enjoy our delicious pot set yoghourts.

And like all our yoghourts, Jalna Lactose Free is free from artificial sweeteners,
preservatives, gelatine and colouring. In fact anything un-natural.

All we add is lactase that naturally breaks down lactose (milk sugars).

And makes digestive wellness possible for people like Penelope.

We’ve also added a new strain of friendly cultures, that is specially made for sensitive tummies.

Here’s some other good news – Jalna Lactose Free, like all our yoghourts, is gluten free.

And comes in three delicious flavours – strawberry, vanilla and natural.

So now every “body” can have a… happy tummy.

And enjoy our great tasting pot set yoghourt.

Even Penelope.

Jalna. A little pot of purity